Magic Bean App - The Unofficial iPhone app for Beanstalk

Magic Bean tools for Beanstalk.

Magic Bean started life on the iPhone allowing you to deploy from pretty much anywhere. Since then iPad support has been added along with many new features on both iPhone & iPad, with many more on the way. Now Magic Bean is coming to Mac, allowing you to deploy sites straight from your Mac's Status Bar.

Magic Bean for iOS

Magic Bean for iOS gives you access to your Beanstalk account on the move. You can view activity within your Beanstalk account to keep up to date with your projects and your team. You can also deploy sites/projects to server environments set up within each repository on the go.

Magic Bean for Mac

Magic Bean for Mac is a convenient way to deploy straight from your Mac's Status Bar. Simply select the repository, revision, environment and then verify before clicking the Deploy button. Magic Bean will let you know when the deployment has completed.