Golf Courses Edmonton Options

If you live in the area of Edmonton, or if you are planing on making a visit to Alberta, you might want to consider bringing along your golf clubs. Although most people who are considering going to Canada might not be thinking of warm weather and green grass, the fact of the matter is, when the weather is favorable, there is plenty of golf to go around.

Golfing is something that you might want to consider for a number of different reasons. The most common reason why people look to some of the golf courses Edmonton has to offer is because it gets them outdoors and puts them in a relaxing environment. Another reason why golfing is a good idea is because many people are stuck indoors through the long winter in Alberta. Getting some sunshine is not only enjoyable, it is also healthy.

The following are some of the golf courses Edmonton has to offer. There is no doubt that you will enjoy your day out on the green grass when visiting one of these courses.

Highlands Golf Club – There are many reasons why you should set your sights on this course. First of all, the service is fantastic, which is something that all of us appreciate. You can also enjoy some time in at the pub, either before or after your round. They have some great food available. Finally, the valley setting is beautiful and you will enjoy some awesome scenery while you are taking your round.

Jagare Ridge – This golf course is another options you would want to consider. The fairways are long, so make sure you bring along your driver. The greens are also quite nice and the only complaint we had was that some people were not repairing the ball marks. Make sure you try the food in the clubhouse, it is fantastic.

Riverside – One other option to consider is the public golf course. Most people appreciate that the golfing is great but the price is less than you would pay at one of the private courses. The food in the clubhouse is also adequate and it is worth stopping in after your round.

Although Edmonton is not really known for its golf, there are many options that can keep you happy and busy out on the range. Take the time to enjoy some time golfing this year in the area and you will have a hobby of a lifetime.