Cigarette Brands Australia

What You Need To Know About Cigarette Brands Australia

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. It raises your blood pressure, causes heart disease and contributes to cancer, lung disease and hundreds of other health problems. Cigarettes are full of carcinogens and the nicotine in the cigarette is addictive. Despite these facts, people still continue to smoke and cigarettes seem as popular as ever. The Australian government has stepped up to the plate and done something drastic to try and reduce cigarette usage. When it comes to cigarette brands Australia, the government has removed all branding from cigarette packs.

The Australian government is doing everything that it can to make smoking less enticing. If you want to buy cigarettes in Australia, you will be in for a huge surprise because each and every packet from every brand is an ugly brown with a big warning label on it. There are no brand logos or colors on the packages and they are clearly designed to discourage smoking.

The price of cigarettes in Australia is also very high to make it harder for people to afford to smoke. About 15 percent of the population in Australia smokes and the government is trying to get this number reduced to 10 percent or below. The hope is that the plain packaging is going to make the cigarettes look much less enticing to people so they don’t want to buy them.

With so many health problems associated with cigarettes, it is probably a good thing that government is stepping into try to help people stop smoking. Smoking related illnesses cost billions of dollars each year to treat and they can be easily prevented if people just don’t smoke.

The manufacturers of cigarettes have ingredients in the cigarettes that make them addictive and once you start smoking it can be almost impossible to stop. Smoking can be deadly and it is something that you just don’t have to do. The cigarette companies pour millions of dollars each year into finding ways to get people hooked on cigarettes. This means that the government has to step in to try and make things better for people.

If you are looking for cigarette brands Australia, you are not going to find the familiar logos you are looking for. Be prepared to pay a very high price for the cigarettes if you decide to smoke. Australia is serious about reducing cigarette usage.